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Currently accepting the following materials:
Clear plastic bottles
Non glossy paper
Aluminum Cans
curbside recycle guidlines
  • ALL RECYCLE material must be BAGGED

  • Have recycle at curb by 6 a.m. to ensure service

  • All recyclables go into the recycle bin, together - - no sorting! 

  • No garbage

  • Please make sure materials are clean, empty and dry

  • Leave labels on containers

  • Bottle and jar caps and lids can be recycled

  • Do not flatten cans and bottles to ensure sorting equipment works properly

  • Cut or flatten corrugated cardboard boxes to fit in container. Remove plastic wrapping and liners

  • No plastic grocery bags

  • Yard trimmings are NOT recyclable 

Have questions about hazardous household waste? Pop over to the city of Tucson's page here

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